Few seeds collected. These have a wonderful smell that will enhance your garden and add a splash of color to your outdoor décor. Bloom Time: Late spring to mid-summer. Dianthus deltoides Confetti Cherry Red. Dianthus deltoides are Maiden Pinks. Inside are numerous tiny, blackish-brown seeds. Maiden Pinks are easy-care perennials, ideal for the beginning gardener. 7. They will do well with full sun and well-drained soil. Stems are green or tinged red, slender and stiff, unbranched or branched in the upper stem, hairless or minutely hairy. Zones: 3-9. A superb ground cover plant that reaches a height of just 10cm, they are perfect for creating lasting colour throughout the summer months from June to September. Fruit: Fruit is an oval to cylindric capsule about as long as the calyx, open at the top with 4 teeth around the mouth. D. deltoides is one of the most aggressive Dianthus species, and if allowed to form seed, it will self-sow freely. A much-desired addition to any garden for use as groundcover, borders and in rock gardens. Dianthus deltoides 'Red Maiden' is hot pink and forms a mat of deep green foliage on which 12-inch-tall flowers appear in late spring. Dianthus deltoides Confetti Cherry Red. Color: White flowers with a pink eye rimmed with crimson, dark green foliage. In late spring and summer, the foliage mound is covered by a profusion of heavily fringed, small, single flowers in shades of red, pink or white. Maiden Pinks: USDA Zone: 2-9: Plant number: 1.180.260. Exposure: Full sun. The red flowers cover the plant from spring until the first frost. Dianthus deltoides, commonly called maiden pink, is an evergreen perennial that typically forms loose spreading mats of foliage to 4-6” tall and to 24” wide.Narrow, linear to lance-shaped leaves. The blooms are often pink to red-pink but can also be white or spotted with white. Botanical name: Dianthus deltoides Best For: Cut flower, ground cover, Home garden, Edges/borders Light Requirement & care: Full Sun, open, good, free draining, alkaline soils Dianthus deltoides, or Maiden Pinks, have a dark ring near the bloom center. This is a variation that has blooms that are either red or pink in color. Notes: Frilly white petals surround the fiery center for an eye-catching effect. Vigorous and free-flowering, Dianthus deltoides (Maiden Pink) is an evergreen perennial forming a spreading mat of narrow, green leaves. Dianthus deltoides. DIANTHUS DELTOIDES (Maiden Pink Red Spreading Dianthus) $ 12.98 – $ 48.50 . In the cooler seasons, the leaves of this cultivar tend to take on purplish-red tones, and then revert back to green in spring. Outstanding low growing hardy perennial grows only 4” tall and spreads into a mat of dark green leaves. Height/Spread: Compact stature with mat-forming habit, 6-8 inches tall, 12-14 inches wide. Dianthus Deltoides Maiden Pink. Noteworthy Characteristics. 8. Dianthus monspessulanus are Fringed Pinks. They are short-term perennials that are often used as a ground cover. This new, rare and most-gorgeous, bone hardy, soundly perennial dark red Dianthus was used by Cleve West, to make a sensation when the Daily Telegraph garden won best in show at Chelsea 2011. Shearing back spent blooms will encourage reblooming and minimize self seeding. Confetti Red is an eye-catching variety of Dianthus deltoides that produces vibrant deep red flowers. And it is yet another great plant for attracting bees and butterflies into the garden, and if content will naturalise moderately.