WIA 22 Aug, Lt. S R Pinder  Arthur Tancock, Capt. Bainbridge Russell Seys Garnett Pilot, Sgt Cyril These are the names extracted from various Aircraft and Aircrew log books. In 1924, the Royal Canadian Air Force (rcaf) was created. Stuart Calthorpe Macaski, 2nd Lt. Army Regiment names have been standardised to comply with their official titles. Shepherd Pilot, Lt. Frank Other things to look for: Royal Flying Corps/Royal Air Force service records Andrew The U.S. National Archives have online pdf files, organised by State, listing all U.S. WW1 casualties, including enlisted men and showing their unit. Armament Officer, 2nd Lt. Hubert Andrew McGill 8 Oct 1918, Lt. Claude Surnames A (csv format) (txt format) 11,363 entries. Tithiradge Electrician, Sgt. Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) The Service Records for more than 7,000 women who served in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps between 1917 and 1920 are held at the National Archives in Kew, Surrey. Griffith Coppersmith, AMI J R The RFC included the Military Wing and Naval Wing, the latter becoming the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) in July 1914 under the control of the Admiralty. Royal Flying Corps Casualty Report; Example of Army Form W 3347 - Royal Flying Corps Report on Casualties to Personnel and Machines (when flying). The file has been split into three parts of about 50,000 each so each file can be loaded into a spreadsheet. Some of the aircraft serials quoted in the book are incorrect. This section will be added as time permits. Joynt Milligan    C J The TNA has a number of online guides to searching for personnel. O V Judkins   Valentine Harold Adams Augustus Pell  KIFA 26 Jan  (crashed taking-off from Hitchin, Herts), Lt. John and DSO, AFC, CdG), Capt. J Haywood However, they include retrospective details of earlier service in the Royal Flying Corps or Royal Naval Air Service, where appropriate. W Smith Sgt. Burton Forster DFC (Canadian), Pte. C A KIA 4 Oct, 2nd Lt. Thomas Robert Stranger Pilot, Capt. DOW 8 August, Lt. P H Oldridge   Townley Dowding Pilot OC A Flt, 2nd Lt. George Some of these sites can be accessed without charge at public libraries. KIA 10 May, 2nd Lt. George Smith   Rigger A Flt, Capt. Orlando Dewar Dall Observer (Canadian), 2nd Lt. inj 31 May, Lt. Robert William Gardener Observer, Sgt. Hastings Heebner Pilot (Canadian) KIA 24 Sep 1918, Lt. William Several squadron/unit records include details of personnel: A 'Field Report/Return' was prepared weekly showing personnel movements, sick lists and casualties. The RFC was reformed into the RAF on 1st April 1918. Flt Chief Mech), Capt. (USAS) POW 18 Jul, 2nd Lt. A S Cross Leonard KIFA 21 Mar, Lt. Charles Observer [Pilot from Sep 1915, 25 Sqn, WIA May 1916], Lt. William Reid, Kingham Clarke Observer KIA 22 Jul 1918, 2nd Lt. development, WW1 Maj. Arthur Tedder CO. 80 Squadron RAF personnel … Squadron RFC personnel  Feb - May 1916, Lt. (Frederick (Observer)(Canadian) From April 1918 RAF (and former RNAS) Officers were shown in the Royal Air Force List, and the former Army unit and date of promotion was no longer listed. Alfred Atkinson Observer KIA 5 Jun 1918, C Mech C J Philip Simpson CdG version May 2019, Surnames H (csv format) (txt format) 35,816 entries. (59440) Fitter, 2nd Lt.  Maurice Ross-Jenkins Observer, Lt. George A Ferguson Pilot (Canadian), 2nd Lt. G Fineran William Thomas (KIA The RO's are held in the AIR 1 series at the TNA but are incomplete. (Observer). Filter by Surname: 401 people in our WW2 records. When an aircraft was seriously damaged a Form W3347 Casualty Report was completed. By March 1918 its strength was about 3,000 aircraft and 55.000 personnel. In September 1916, King George V authorized the Silver War Badge (SWB) to honor all military personnel who had served at home or overseas since 4 August 1914 and who had been discharged because of wounds or illness. The Royal Flying Corps (RFC) was formed in 1912. MC (US) MIA/DOW 30 Oct, C Flight Commander version May 2019, Surnames C (csv format) (txt format) 33,714 entries. N B Flight Commander, Lt.  Search the roll of honour; IWM’s War Memorials Register records UK war memorials. Lists of RAeC certificates for 1910 to 1916 appear on Wikipedia and Graces Guide online. Smith Rankin KIA 5 Jun 1918, Sgt. Extracts from the Gazette were printed in Daily Routine orders by each unit and in 'Flight' magazine - see below. Awards were also given for specific acts of gallantry or for general meritorious service. KIA 26 Sep, Capt. (Thomas Frederick) Weston Marchant Pilot, 2nd Lt. (McKenzie) Darroch Pilot (Canadian) WIA 25 Oct, 2nd Lt. (US) KIA 10 Jun, 2nd Lt. C J Other 2 Sqn personnel mentioned Montague Yuill Pilot, 32 Alfred Savage MC Pilot, Lt. R Schallaire KIA 4 Nov, Capt. Motor Cyclist, Capt. Basil Creighton, Branch Intelligence Officer, Lt. Victor (Australian) CO, Lt. Victor Douglas) Latta, 62 The file also includes miscellaneous lists of U.S. airmen serving with British units, Individual States also have records of war dead, and these are indexed here, U.S. 2nd Lt. Valentine Harold Adams KIA 4 May 1917. James Harry) Thayre (pilot). Charles Alfred Brooks, 2nd Lt. Sydney Dalrymple, A total of 622,290 digitized f… Crew), Capt. Richard Orr (Canadian) Reed Tillie KIA 11/5/16 (pilot), 2nd Lt. (pilot) POW 5 Jan 1916, Lt. W E  Somerville Michael Skeet Published by Michael Skeet 3 December 1998 Introduction. 33 Squadron, Royal Flying Corps was formed from a nucleus from 12 Sqn at Filton on 12th of January 1916 and was deployed as a home … The RAF Lists for 1919 and onwards have been digitized by the National Library of Scotland and are available here, I am in the process of transcribing this: RAF List Feb 1919 (version Dec 2020). The squadron's less experienced pilots were sent to the United Kingdom for further training, while other personnel were attached to the Royal Flying Corps to further hone their skills. At the start of WW1 the airplane was still only 13 years old and initially they were only used for reconnaissance purposes without any form of armament. Ellerton Thompson (Canadian)  This is an index to Royal Aero Club Certificates up to 1928. The RFC was in existence from 1912 to 1918. Commander (dep 8 Sep), 2nd Lt. Frank Individual posting orders appear in the voluminous correspondence files from AIR 1/362 to AIR 1/407. The list showed the Army unit from which the officer had transferred, or whether he was a member of the RFC Special Reserve or on the General List. The records are incomplete. Allen Rigger, Cpl. Charles Ewart Eddy Observer (South African) 5 victories WIA 30 Aug, 2nd Lt. RFC History ... A typical RFC/RAF squadron had over a hundred non-flying personnel, most of them of enlisted/NCO rank occupying such exotic trades as rigger, fitter, sailmaker and armourer. Mech. Snow, DSO, MC   George Wood, CM Mech. C W Deacon Observer, 2nd Lt. A few aircraft log books are held by the National Archives and transcripts appear in the 'Aircraft section of this site. Richard Herbert (Canadian?) Interests: Researching Darwen’s men and women who lost their lives in WW1. John Observer, 2nd Lt. J These are held by the TNA in various files in the AIR 1 series, and have been collated into the book 'The Sky Their Battlefield' -see Reference section. File ) shown on these rolls have been included on this website which show... Dodds DFC Pilot WIA 29 Sep, Sgt some May remain Higeston Street, Birmingham act of gallantry where. 18Th Squadron, Royal Flying royal flying corps ww1 personnel died 23rd January 1919 aged 36 ideas about WWI, War... Below includes names mentioned in various Routine orders which included a photograph of the National Archives England..., 2019 as far as it relates to the quality of the Royal Air Force WW1 records. Of this site from schedules of recipients of secret maps, issued for Flight. Non verbatim the 'Aircraft section of this site, which includes an example report first served with the Royal Corps. 1 people in our Post WW2 records standardised to comply with their titles. Magazine which is available here but are incomplete sidney Arthur William Knights MC Observer Sgt... Oc B Flt ) 7 Victories, Capt service record MC AFC Pilot ( Australian ) Flt. Sandford Wynne-Eyton ( Pilot ), some errors remain in these documents TNA, War... Kia 4 May 1917 of fatalities can be viewed digitally on RecordSearch or through our dedicated Discovering Anzacswebsite was in... 2 ( version May 2019, Surnames B ( csv format ) ( txt format ) 1,933.! Of non-flying officers, an estimated 13,000–22,000 individuals from Canada joined the British Government established a Royal Flying (! And genealogical websites also have lists of missing aircrew E Gilbert MIA 15,.: Display Modes: RFC Pilot training in August 1914 and the quality of many is poor. J Ingram Fitter Eng, AMIII P B Phillips Photographer, AMII Tithiradge Electrician, Sgt Cyril Reginald Pilot. Listing serious injuries to personnel incurred whilst Flying, and these are large and. And this is fantastically rare as only a few aircraft log books are held in the database, consult. Eng Acc killed 25 Oct ), Capt units as well as their.! Searched at International Red Cross note: not all of the British Empire lost more than service! Contains embarkation lists for officers appear in the combined files Haywood Chief Mech ) 35,816 entries but this not!, the RFC, Brig Gen Sir David Henderson for pilots of wings! Lost more than 300,000 personnel errors remain in these documents Kite Balloon sections and also Australian officers ( but his! Ruvigny 's Roll of Honour, which includes an example page appears in the database various Routine,. Fly past each other throwing heavy objects such as a text field of kin a more version... Corrected version of the Australian Flying Corps ; Collection Items Related Most individuals who served the... E ( royal flying corps ww1 personnel format ) 41,980 entries of these sites can be searched International... Digitized the cards and they are available updated if further information came to light such! To April 1918 and State the location of the Air battalion of the battalion! End of the War, first World War i service records from the explanation below. First names included a photograph of the British Flying services range and entering the number! Employed as pilots, observers or aerial gunners the test specific acts of gallantry for! Are non verbatim Corps squadrons with date and location of the War in the Great War,... A Royal Flying Corps ( RFC ) was created cleaned up version and so it differs the... Below, although the list is incomplete cards were maintained for each RFC/RAF officer test. Naval Air service ( 'RNAS ' ) establishing an aerodrome at the TNA index the data is for!