As such, it is taking us longer to review applications and process adoption at this time. A dog can be killed by eating just a few pieces of chewing gum or other product containing Xylitol. Cocker … Tip: Avoid products containing Xylitol. Skip to content Find a Pet Breeds ... Okie Dokie Cocker Spaniel Rescue. Donate. 8,342 Cocker Spaniel Dogs adopted on Rescue Me. Fred was just rescued from the Wildomar shelter, and is turning out to be such a nice boy - friendly and sweet! With tips on caring and coping with your Spaniel, a gallery and information on dogs needing rehoming. **, ***FREEDOM FLYER - RESCUED FROM SOUTH KOREA***. Based in northern Virginia, Oldies But Goodies Cocker Spaniel Rescue's mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and adopt out cocker spaniels and spaniel mixes of all ages. Enquire about Billy ~ 1yr Old Cocker Spaniel (On Trial 10/1/21) Find available pets like this! The easiest way to adopt a Cocker Spaniel would be through a rescue that specializes in Cocker Spaniels. Copyright © 1999-2018 World Organization. 100% of all profits raised will go towards the veterinary care of the dogs currently in our rescue. Moose is an adorable 15 pound male shih tzu / lhasa apso mix - approximately 8+ years old. We hope that somewhere out there, is a very special adopter that can find it in their heart to adopt Moose and give him the best of care for whatever time he has left. Beagle, Cocker Spaniel Rescue Dog For Adoption in Baltimore, Maryland Based in Sacramento, and serving the greater Northern California area, NorCal works with public shelters to place at risk Cocker Spaniels and Spaniel mixes in loving forever homes and also serves as a resource regarding the unique needs of the Cocker Spaniel breed. Cockers are usually easy to train but can be difficult to housebreak. Doesn’t matter! Miles is a really nice boy who is just a little bit shy when he meets you - but will look you in the eyes as if to say "Are you my person?" Home base for us is Fulton, IL, and I have been involved in shelter, adoption, and rescue advocacy since my husband and I adopted our first cocker in 1987. Darlene Mattson. We require a $350 adoption donation to offset the … We do so by working with committed volunteers, foster homes, and local veterinarians. Cocker Spaniels are good gun dogs but are especially suited to be family pets. Close this dialog. is very sweet & friendly with people, and loves to give kisses! Advocate. **Please be aware that we are currently dealing with an overwhelming amount of interest in dog adoptions. About Canadian Cocker Spaniel Rescue. Rescue Me! Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit New York corporation with 501(c)(3) status. Charlotte Cocker Rescue is an organization with a passionate commitment to rescue Cocker Spaniels and other abused or abandoned dogs. He is fully grown, weighing in at 24 lbs, and could afford to gain another pound or two. Cockers needing homes in … Cocker Spaniel Adoption: Go Ahead, Make His Day! Cockers are usually easy to train but can be difficult to housebreak. E-mail . Bambi is currently in the Los Angeles area. Miles is currently in the Los Angeles area. EID - 20-8687566. Shane has a grade 2 (out of 6) heart murmor and has an upcoming appointment with a cardiologist. Please read our adoption process before submitting your application. Box 451101 Grove, OK 74345. You can always make a monetary donation anytime using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover or PayPal by clicking on the link below: To find out all … Cocker Spaniel Rescue Information: The American Cocker Spaniel is a sociable, sunny, affectionate breed. We are dedicated to reducing homeless and abandoned cocker spaniels from shelters and from desperate owner surrenders that can no longer care for their pet. We then provide them with veterinary care and eventual placement in forever homes where they will be treated as family and receive the love that they deserve. Shane is currently in the Los Angeles area. You can see Suits is a terrier and the other three are spaniel mixes. Based on what we've observed so far, Gabby might be a better fit for a home without dogs - or a home with larger dogs. Cockers need human companionship, affection, and attention. Bethaney Eaton. Daniel is a very sweet, very handsome, 5-7 year old, 29 pound, male, buff Cocker Spaniel that is friendly & affectionate with people, and playful with other dogs. We limit the area from which we rescue to Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and western Tennessee. Cocker Spaniel Rescue & Dogs For Adoption. Jojo is a little shy but very sweet and playful. She needs a patient adopter who can read her body language and respond accordingly. Cherished Cockers and our volunteers are dedicated to rescuing, whenever possible abandoned, abused, displaced, injured, and surrendered Cocker Spaniels regardless of age or physical condition. The Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue's mission is to: rescue abandoned, stray, endangered and neglected Cocker Spaniels in Colorado and neighboring states, partner with animal control and shelters to rescue unwanted Cocker Spaniels, rehabilitate those who have been abused or neglected, Filter . Camp Cocker is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. Click on a number to view those needing rescue in that state. Please Note: Puppies and small dogs are currently in high demand, so they are often matched with existing applicants before they are posted publicly. Cell: (253) 381-5233 . She is friendly with people, and friendly with larger dogs. Mid-South Cocker Spaniel Rescue is a small volunteer, foster home based, non-profit organization. The rescue group is no longer taking adoption applications for this pet. While Daniel is not exhibiting symptoms of illness, re-testing is needed to confirm his health. Phone number 1. Contact name. Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue is a non-profit organization based in the Tampa, Florida area. Cocker and English Springer Spaniel Rescue | The Cheshire Pet Charity Network. Educate. Beanie is a tricolor, 2-3 year old, 17 pound, female beagle - with an adorably charming underbite - recently arrived from South Korea. Found 585 adverts in the UK Bertie *Reserved* - Male English Springer Spaniel ... Alfie is now reserved Alfie is our sweet Staffie who would like a female adult only home with no other pets in the home or visiting. Daniel is currently being vetted by our local veterinarian, and will need to be adopted in the Los Angeles area as he awaits re-testing of his thyroid levels and a slightly enlarged liver. The first group set up as rescue only, for Cocker Spaniels in Australia. They are a welcome addition to any family. Rescue Me, RescueMe.Org, and the paw logo are registered trademarks of WO. They were supposed to be four cocker spaniels. Rescue Me! ♥ ۬ We foster,rehabilitate and re-home Cocker Spaniels of all ages and personalities . We encourage anyone who is considering getting a Cocker Spaniel as a pet to please adopt, don't buy. Cocker Spaniel Rescue Dogs in the United Kingdom. Jojo is a 5-8-year-old, male, terrier-poodle-mix. Cocker Spaniels are named after the woodcock bird they traditionally hunted. Miles is an 6-8 year old male terrier mix. P.O. He has an energetic and curious personality, and is great with people and other dogs! Canadian Cocker Spaniel Rescue is a small, non-profit rescue which was founded in Ontario, Canada in April 2012 originally aiding all Spaniel Breeds, but after a serious demand and need for aiding Cockers, and after the Founder took a 6 month break due to a serious health issue, we chose to focus strictly on this breed. CAESSR is a non-profit organisaton dedicated to rehoming Cocker and English Springer Spaniels. Toffee-nut *reserved* - Female Lurcher. Jojo is currently in the Ventura county area. Looking forward to when we can gather once again for an event. He is a little shy, but gentle and friendly. They all get to have a second chance and we love them all already. Gabby is currently in the Los Angeles area. Cocker Tips Adopting a Senior Losing Your Best Friend. He is about 20 pounds. Individuals & rescue groups can post animals free." 8,340 Cocker Spaniel Dogs have been adopted on Rescue … Jocelyn has tested positive for heartworm so she will need to be adopted locally to receive treatment. Beanie is currently in the Los Angeles area. She can be a bit pushy with dogs her own size or smaller, and can be leash reactive to dogs that she doesn't know. Cockers are energetic and need lots of exercise, but can adapt well to an apartment or a home with a small yard. Daniel is currently being vetted by our local veterinarian, and will need to be adopted in the Los Angeles area as he awaits re-testing of his thyroid levels and a slightly enlarged liver. He is light tan and white, and has the softest fur! Alfie can be a little anxious of strangers so would ideally need. The vet says he has a grade II or III heart murmur (on a scale of one to six). He is also potty trained and good with other dogs. She is 20 pounds. Please visit our adoption process page to learn more about our adoption process and to submit an application. Shane is a 7-9 year, 16 pound, male Shih Tsu mix. A great place to start would be by starting a breed search on Fred is an approximately 10 year old, male, 28 pound, buff cocker spaniel. Cocker Spaniel Trivia: Cocker Spaniels often suffer from loose kneecaps. 0415544494. Dedicated to our special breed, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience with Cocker Spaniels from all backgrounds. While Daniel is not exhibiting symptoms of illness, re-testing is … We are also hoping to find her a home with a yard. American Cocker Spaniels are descended from English Cocker Spaniels and are bred to be a bit smaller. Every gift, no matter how big or small, makes a difference. You can expect your Cocker Spaniel to cost you a minimum of £80 per month after purchase and set-up costs and over £13,000 across their lifetime.. Costs you’ll need to think about include: Purchase costs. - ♥ RESCUE ME! A dog can be killed by eating just a few pieces of chewing gum or other product containing Xylitol. She’s energetic and curious! Our mission is to match dog and human personalities and environments. We rescue Cocker Spaniels from high kill shelters in Los Angeles County and at times the surrounding counties of Kern County, Orange County, Riverside County, Kings County, San Bernardino County and Ventura County. Penny Creek Farms has been breeding consistent quality Cocker Spaniels since 1961 for show and pets. She has a personality to please and is very playful and kind with other dogs. 8,342 Cocker Spaniel Dogs have been adopted on Rescue … Fred is currently in the Los Angeles area. Daniel is a very sweet, very handsome, 5-7 year old, 29 pound, male, buff Cocker Spaniel that is friendly & affectionate with people, and playful with other dogs. How To Help Volunteering Shopping Donating. The mission of Cockers Across PA Cocker Spaniel Rescue, Inc. (CAP) is to rescue Cocker Spaniels, provide them with needed medical care, and find them loving … Sadly, Moose just saw the cardiologist where we learned he has a heart condition and his life expectancy is UP to three years. She is about 35 pounds. Contact US. We are a local foster based volunteer group rescuing and re homing Spaniels in Queensland and Northern NSW. He loves treats and is eager to please. Cocker Spaniel Rescue & Dogs For Adoption. English Cocker Spaniels Australia Inc. Cockers quickly became my passion after finding our second cocker as a stray in 1991 and adopting a third from our local shelter in 1994. Jocelyn is a 3-5 year old female terrier mix. Moose is currently in a foster home in the Sacramento area. Home. Our primary mission is to rescue, rehab and rehome purebred cocker spaniels from area shelters. All rights reserved. We also rescue poodles from our local shelters. Bambi is a 1-2 year-old, female,Belgian Shepherd Malinois. Most Cocker Spaniels are wonderful around children. The rescue group has removed this pet and it is no longer available for adoption. Gabby would love to have a back yard where she can spend some time frolicking outdoors! Welcome to Cocker Spaniel Rescue Australia. Most Cocker Spaniels are wonderful around children. Plus, it's an amazing way to honor your pet and give back to Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue at the same time. We will not reject any dog due to age or health and accept many dogs who have some temperament and/or medical issues. Adopt. Cocker Spaniel Rescue Information: The American Cocker Spaniel is a sociable, sunny, affectionate breed. Chocolate & Tan, and Buff Color … Please read our Adoption Process if you are interested in adopting any of our dogs! We thank you for your patience! Our cockers are well known for their friendly and loving personalities. If you want your Cocker Spaniel (or other breed which we call "Honorary Cocker") to be featured in our 2021 calendar, this is your chance. Tip: Avoid products containing Xylitol. Cockers need human companionship, affection, and attention. We are a national group, and work all over Australia. Check out our INSTAGRAM PAGE for more video and photos! "Click here to view Cocker Spaniel Dogs in Kentucky for adoption. Cocker Spaniel Shelters and Rescues NorCal Cocker Rescue, Inc. was established in 2013 by a group of experienced and dedicated animal welfare volunteers. I am Lynne, and the Founder of Rockstar Cocker Rescue. Mabel is currently in the Ventura county area. Cocker rescue centres have many abandoned dogs and puppies just waiting for the day he (or she) will be taken home to a loving family. Cockers that suddenly find themselves in a rescue centre often become disorientated, frightened and confused. Bambi is super sweet and loving, and has tons of energy! 2,900 talking about this. Click here to see our dogs needing homes. Rescue. Cocker Spaniels are good gun dogs but are especially suited to be family pets. Home Holiday goodies Wish Lists for our dogs ... Camp Cocker Rescue is a nonprofit organization, and we are funded entirely by private donations. We are a local foster based volunteer group rescuing Cocker Spaniels and Springer Spaniels in South East Queensland and Northern NSW. Cocker Surrender Form ... Next Event: Chicagoland Family Pet Expo Arlington Park Race Track Arlington Heights, IL Event has rescheduled Rescheduled to March 2021 . He’s in need of a little TLC, and will soon be receiving a dental exam, treatment for an ear infection, and a visit to the ophthalmologist for the cataract in his right eye. Cocker Spaniels have a beautiful silky coat and are considered glamorous show dogs. We are dedicated to the rescue and re-homing of cocker spaniels and other dogs in need of loving forever homes. About. Our Cockers Cockers In Urgent Need Adopt A Cocker Cocker Haven Application. Mabel is a 7 - 8 year old cocker spaniel who is nervous when she meets strangers. The search will show you all the available Cocker Spaniels in your area. Okie Dokie Cocker Spaniel Rescue in Grove, OK has pets available for adoption. RED'S STORY Quality Cocker Spaniels Since 1961 Penny Creek Farms. She is sweet & friendly with people, and very playful with other dogs. Friends of CCR Individuals Businesses. Cocker Spaniel Rescue Dogs for Adoption near Palos Heights, Illinois | PetCurious. We are a small group of Cocker and English Springer Spaniel enthusiasts, based in Stoke-on-Trent, who, with a small band of volunteers raise funds to help us find new “forever” homes for dogs placed in our care. Lady, of the film Lady and the Tramp, is a Cocker Spaniel. Gabby is a beautiful tri-color, 5-6 year old, 22 pound, female beagle, recently arrived from South Korea. We foster, rehabilitate and re home Spaniels of all types, personalities and ages. She is great with people and other dogs, and needs to live an active lifestyle.

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